About Us

We are Aey-pee Transport Co. Pvt. Ltd. a specialty transport company dedicated to providing the best transportation service all over India. With experienced drivers and well cared for, deliver your specialized consignment when and how you need it. From its inception in 2005.

We are having experience of handling/transportation of various products with necessary infrastructure experience and experience of holding and transportation of all type of material, various categories of goods handed are heavy metals (steel Rods, Iron coil and Steel coil ) Petroleum Products (20’ Container,40 ‘ container material) project Goods (Transportation equipment, over dimension consignment).

Our Motto: In the scenario, where the customer wanted more value for money spent and industry going in for cost cutting measures to compete globally Aey-Pee Transport Company endeavors to reduce transportation cost for customer by constantly improving and utilizing the resources optimally

Our Quality Policy: We are committed to providing safe, dependable transportation service to our customers and To meet our goal, organization shall strive.

  • Prompt & Positive response
  • Team Performance
  • On time delivery of goods
  • To reduce customer complaints
  • With a mission to make continual improvement in all aspects

Core Ideology: Exceptional Customer Service --- We aim for perfection in satisfying our customers by providing the highest quality of service, we strive for excellence.

  • Integrity and Honesty - We conduct business in a culture that required the highest code of ethics and honesty, you can trust us
  • Continuous Improvement - We set tremendous goals for ourselves, we continuously strive for improvement.
  • Creativity - We believe in dreaming, thinking unconventional, exploring the unbelievable, we are unique.
  • Enjoyment - We believe in enjoying our work and taking pride in the service that we provide for our customers, having fun is invaluable.